Our COVID-19 Response: The health and well-being of our Guests and Volunteers is our top priority, so we are taking additional steps in our Shelter to follow CDC guidelines for shelters wherever possible, including requiring masks, social distancing, additional safety and clearing steps, and a lower-contact volunteering options.

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Staff the Shelter

Do you have compassion for those who are traveling a bumpy road? If you do, we have a job at the shelter just waiting for you!

There are several* positions during each of the time slots, every single night from December 1 through March 31!  Can you help us? 


  • Front Desk – Greet our Guests when they come in, do a brief COVID screening (forehead temp, questions), and check them in on our laptop.

  • Supply Room – Confidentially check in Guests’ medicines, hand out toiletries, help Guests find needed clothing, and monitor the sleeping room hallway.

  • Dining Room – The dining room - also the TV room/lounge - is open all night. Because of COVID, we cannot allow Guests to serve themselves, even the all-night coffee! So we need two people during the entire 6 pm to 9pm dinner time and one during the rest of the night.

  • Rover – As you might imagine, at the latest shift, our Rover covers both the Supply Room and Dining Room jobs during the wee hours and early morning shifts.

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*We have two dedicated staff/volunteers taking the 1-9AM shift every single morning.



  • We need at least one male during each shift! 

  • We are taking all possible precautions to minimize COVID contagion, including a plexiglass guards and a requirement that everyone wear a mask and be screened at entry.

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